Difficult Departure


When I went to PNG my bags were full with things for Paul and Carina and for Mason’s Birthday Party so I thought that coming home they would be empty. Over the course of the last two days before I left the dear people here in Madang church kept coming to me with gifts. When I got to Church Sunday morning I was greeted by a lady who had waited by the door for me and she put a necklace on me never said much just smiled and hugged me and then handed me another one for Carina.

After Church the youth had chipped in for a gift for me to thank me for speaking to them and ministering to them. So we took a picture with the Youth leaders.

Then all day and evening we had people coming to the house with different gifts for me, more meri blouses, belums and things to remind me of PNG. Two ladies came and brought me two belums and began to tell me that she was the woman who had sewn all the blouses for the students. Paul and Carina had paid her for doing that and the money she made she uses for a ministry to the poor she has in the settlements or places where the very poor live. They had just gotten back from a trip to a Foursquare conference so deep into the jungle that they had to take a canoe for two days up river to get there and then two days to get back. These ladies are thanking me and giving me gifts and I am standing in awe of them!

Gifts just kept coming and I saw so clearly that the deep love the PNG people express touches you to the core. These people love not just with words but with deeds, sacrificial deeds.

In the morning when I was going to the car to leave, I could see the Bible college students in class listening to the teachers. One of them looked over and I gave a slight quiet wave, the next thing I knew Jackson’s mother came and held me and just wept over me, she would not let me go. Then Carina said ‘Oh Mom look behind you!’ the whole class had stopped and the students all came out and wept over me. That was such an emotional goodbye, I thought I would cry because I was leaving my daughter, my wonderful son-in-law and those two precious little men, but now I had all of my PNG family to love and miss! I know that as this class of Pastors and their families  go back to where God has called them to minister I may never see these people again in this life but we will have eternity together and what an honor that will be!


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  1. I am not sure that I understand what I can do but I would be happy to look into it. Can you tell me what you mean? Thanks for your interest in the blog.

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